Buying An E-Cig: Features To Choose

25 February 2020
 Categories: Smoking, Blog

Many people opt for e-cigarettes to help them quit smoking or as an alternative. If you've been considering switching to an e-cig, you might be wondering about what you should look for when you purchase one. There are a few key considerations that you should keep in mind the first time you go into an e-cig shop. Here's a look at the basics.

Consider The Fit Of Your E-Cig

E-cigs come in many different shapes and sizes, from devices that actually resemble a cigarette to those that are larger squares or rectangular in shape. Try holding a few devices to see how they fit in your hand so that you can be sure that you'll be comfortable using the device that you choose. 

You may want to ask the e-cig supplier about putting the battery into each device that you're considering. The battery will add some weight to the e-cig body, which can affect how it feels in your hand. Have the batteries installed so that you can adequately assess the weight and feel of the device.

Think About The Wattage

The wattage of your device will affect many things, from your choice of coils to the best e-cig liquids for the unit. The higher the wattage, the higher the vape cloud temperature will often be. You should understand how the wattage range affects the device's operation so that you can choose the unit that's the right fit for you.

Consider The Air Mixture

Your vape cloud will be different depending on how much air is in the mix. Some vape devices and tanks allow you to adjust the air mixture. The air mixture adjustment alters how the vapor feels on your throat and how much of a vape cloud you end up with.

Ask about testing some devices to help you determine your preference. Since you've likely never used a vape before, you'll need to try some out to get a feel for what you like. Many e-cig shops have sample bars that allow users to test different devices, liquids, and coils. Take time to explore these samples to find what works best for you.

The more you understand about finding the right e-cigs for your needs, the easier it will be for you to get a device that you will be happy with. Talk with a local e-cig shop today for more information and to find an e-cig that meets your needs.